Collaboration with Interior Designers & Enthusiasts (Affiliate Program)

Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome to Hausgem's Affiliate Marketing Program for Interior Designers & Enthusiasts!

As an affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to earn commission by promoting our products to your audience. Our selection of high-quality and stylish home lighting products are sure to appeal to your followers and provide them with inspiration for their own interior design projects.

By joining our program, you'll have access to a range of resources, including exclusive discount codes, product images, and promotional materials to help you promote our products effectively. You'll also receive regular updates on new arrivals, sales, and special offers to help keep your audience engaged.

To get started, simply sign up for our affiliate program and start promoting our products through your website, social media, or email marketing. For every sale that is generated through your unique affiliate link, you'll earn a commission.

So why wait? Join Hausgem's Affiliate Marketing Program today and start earning commission on every sale you refer. We're excited to partner with you and help you grow your business!

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